Kaity Kasper





I have always been a stargazer.  A lover of the Moon and its neighboring celestial bodies.

I remember watching the night sky with amazement as a child – a feeling matched only by the moment I first watched the heavens shift from dusky blue to inky black in the middle of backcountry Utah many years later.  My favorite indoor locations have always been planetariums.

So it was not altogether surprising when I fell in love with Jyotish – or Vedic astrology – on a riverbank in Virginia some months after I emerged from the darkness of a cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatment.  To the backdrop of rippling river water I discovered that those stars and the planets had held keys to the mysteries of my life all along.  I just hadn't learned how to read what it was they had written among those expansive night skies.

Jyotish means “the science of light” and is one of the limbs of the Vedas, a wisdom text from India. 

Considered the eyes of the Vedas, it is also the science of self-knowledge – a tool that allows us to connect in a deeper way with the Divine and to move toward enlightenment.  Jyotish teaches that we come into this lifetime with a particular destiny, but at the same time with the free will to alter that destiny if we so choose.  Through Joytish, we can understand better the longings that resonate in our hearts, the ways we can achieve greater connection with our soul, and how to break cycles that no longer serve us.  

I approached my first reading skeptically.  I had spent years reading horoscopes and dabbling in Western astrology, and while it was fun, it never particularly resonated.  But as I ran my eyes over my Vedic birth chart, and as my soul sister explained to me what it all meant, I felt connected to the Divine in an entirely new way.  I suddenly had a greater understanding of why some of my past trials occurred and what I was meant to do with the lessons learned through them.  I also felt a burning, abiding understanding of some of the deeply rooted aches my soul has never seemed able to release.  

Together we will explore the cosmos and the secrets they hold for you.  From a wide-lens reading of your birth chart to more specific work delving into a divisional chart targeted at a certain area of your world, Jyotish will not only bring you to a deeper level of understanding of the contract you entered into with the Divine at the inception of this lifetime, but will instill in you a level of empowerment you may not have experienced in the past.  


I will be taking Jyotish clients beginning in June 2018.  Contact me to be the first to know when booking opens and to receive details on my early-bird discount.