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Slowing Down

“I am telling you this story so that you do not think of any part of your journey as wasted time.  So you do not feel a need to rush.  To speed ahead to fulfill your calling.”

We were in his office, some days after the end of round three.  If I’ve collected oncologists in the last fourteen years, in the last three I seem to have collected pastors. 

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“He doesn’t need to see you.  Just call him in a few days and he can give you the results over the phone.”

You would think by now there would be a way to get the results of bloodwork in the same day, but oftentimes its not.  So while we did the actual 2-months-turned-to-3-months-post-chemotherapy bloodwork today, I won’t get any news for a bit.

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The State of Affairs v.5.

Its been awhile. 

If you're in RVA or love someone who is, you probably know the reason already - on day 3 of round 4, just about an hour after I returned home from my infusion, a huge summer storm rocked our little city.  My neighborhood bore the brunt of it, and Hope and I were without power from around 8pm on Thursday until around the same time on Monday.

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