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In The Meantime

“So what did you do this weekend?”

I had two issues with answering this question honestly.  First, we were tucked in the middle of a crowded coffee shop and I wasn’t sure how prepared I was to be overheard on the subject of how I spent my weekend.  Second, the friend asking the question was not only a new friend, but a pastor too.  I was treading into completely new territory with him, and I wasn’t entirely sure how the honest answer would go over.

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I have been baptized four times in my life.

The first time was in the Catholic Church.  I was under a year old and I don’t remember much about it.  I’ve seen the white gown I wore and a handful of pictures of my dad with incredible sideburns and a brown corduroy sport coat.  But I don’t remember the water or if there was music or what it was that my godparents (who I also don’t remember) promised to do. 

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Healing Trip #3 - Big Sky, Montana

“Its like I had to come here for it to start to heal,” I tell him, his hands on my shoulders, eyes locked on mine.  “Like my heart broke into millions of tiny pieces and I had to come here for it to figure out how to mend, because as it mends its going to be bigger.  And there is only enough room for it to heal so big in a place like this, with so much room.”

I paused my run-on-sentence-verbal-vomit long enough to take a half-second breath before finally asking him, “Does that make sense?”

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Healing Trip #2 - Sedona, Arizona

I’m no stranger to Arizona.  I ran my very first half marathon in Phoenix – where my sister-in-law lived.  Evan and I visited her there at least once a year – usually more.  Together we’d explored a good bit of the surrounding parts of the state, covering more desert than I would have imagined I’d find myself in during my youth.

Work brings me to Tucson each year.  I’ve spent time in Flagstaff.

But Sedona had never made it into my travels. 

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