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One Thing

“I don’t think you needed any chemotherapy at all, to be honest.”

He tells me this as we are camped out in my neighborhood’s newest restaurant, sharing spanakopita that does not fall within any part of my restricted diet but which is so incredibly delicious that he insists I try it.  It is worth every risk that comes with putting it into my mouth. 

“You don’t think I needed any at all?” I question as I tuck my feet up beneath me and reach for my lemon water.  “Any?”

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Do Not Fear

Its been a little while, and there are lots of reasons for that.  I've been juggling being back at work more with an unexpected preliminary read of my post-chemo CT scan.  I will get into that more as I know more, but for now I'll tell you that Dr. McGuire has labeled my disease as "stable" as there appear to be no changes from my mid-point CT and this most recent one. 

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The State of Affairs v.5.

Its been awhile. 

If you're in RVA or love someone who is, you probably know the reason already - on day 3 of round 4, just about an hour after I returned home from my infusion, a huge summer storm rocked our little city.  My neighborhood bore the brunt of it, and Hope and I were without power from around 8pm on Thursday until around the same time on Monday.

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