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What I Believe

“Can you explain to me exactly what it is you believe?” he asked me over half drunk cups of tea and the dregs of a vegan muffin we had just shared.  “How does it all fit together?  I don’t understand.”

It was a fair question.  While its clear from what I’ve shared that I am a Christian, I’ve also alluded to many things that don’t necessarily fall within the commonly held belief systems of most Christians in America today.  And that might be precisely why I haven’t shared the details of my belief system in full before now.  Despite the fact that my life-long tendency has been to go a bit rogue, its never become completely comfortable to be outspoken about those things.

But the truth is that it could also be because I know myself well enough to know that my faith journey has never afforded rest stops that last particularly long.  While I feel firmly rooted in non-denominational Christianity, I arrived there after being born Catholic, taking a detour into Judaism, veering back into Catholicism, and finally finding real connection with God through the twelve steps, yoga, and meditation. 

In other words, what I believe is anything but main-stream.

*   *   *

I am a Christian.  I believe God came to walk among us as a man in the form of Jesus Christ.  I believe He demonstrated through His earthly life how He would have us live.  I believe He was born, died, and resurrected in an attempt to put any skepticism to rest.  In fulfilling so many prophecies He showed mankind that God is real and His promises will be fulfilled.  I try as best I can to walk in His shoes in my day to day life.  I am human – so I fail quite a bit.  But I try. 

Although I am a Christian, I don’t believe Christianity is the only “true religion”.  I believe there are multiple paths to God and that He has given us these because just as no two of us are alike no two of us will connect with Him in precisely the same way.  I believe God cares a lot less about the particular road we take to open our hearts to Him than the fact that we seek Him and strive to allow His will to be done though us.

I don’t believe that Heaven is some place above the clouds.  I don’t believe that God resides somewhere far away and that maybe – if we play our cards right – we may get to join Him one day.  I believe God intended Heaven to be right here – on earth – and that through His life as Christ He demonstrated just how we can achieve the goal of creating Heaven in our day to day lives.  I believe that the time will come when we have learned how to accomplish this, and that God will return to walk among us again – as promised – and that we will share Heaven on earth with Him.

So if God isn’t in Heaven, where is He now?  Right here.  With us.  In each of us.  Every single day.  I don’t believe we need to request his presence or that He appears only when two or more are gathered in His name.  I believe that in both our darkest hours and our brightest moments, God is there within us guiding us toward the next right thing.  The problem is oftentimes we are so busy with societal demands that we can’t hear Him speaking, even though He is so close.

I believe a significant part of creating Heaven on earth has to do with our thoughts and beliefs.  I believe that part of our journey over our lifetimes is to learn to listen to our hearts more than our minds.  Our minds are powerful creations – with the ability to change our circumstances.  When fear and doubt and uncertainty from the mind override the heart, we receive lessons here that allow us to learn to overcome those things in favor of faith and love and grace. 

Yes – I said lifetimes.  I believe in reincarnation.  I believe we have a partnership with God that allows us to work with Him toward creating Heaven on earth.  I believe before we come back, we decide with Him what our lesson plan will be this time around.  Obviously I selected addiction and illness and self-love for this trip.  God and I must have thought there were lots of lessons for me to learn there.

I believe in the power of reiki and other forms of hands on healing.  I believe these practices have been handed down since Jesus through the Holy Spirit gave the twelve the power to heal. 

I believe when God created the earth He created a multitude of means for us to heal our bodies, minds, and hearts.  Crystals and gemstones, oils and waters, herbs and air.  God has infused healing energies into all of the earth that are easily available to us – but we seem to have forgotten He did this in favor of Western medicine (which surely has its place – but its not the only option).

This is what I believe.

*   *   *

After sharing this answer over breakfast, I felt the need to share it here.  Because we’re moving from talk of chemo and bloodwork to talk of the ways I need to rely on God in this space.  The ways He continues to use these things to heal my body.  The way He continues to show me that it is in trusting Him that I will be returned to the fullness of health.

You see, I’ve come to understand my recent bout of cancer was brought about by two things:

1.     Blocked energy and deeply rooted thought patterns developed over years, decades, quite possibly lifetimes.  Anger and resentment and the incessant need to please people in hopes of being loved lodged in my abdomen until there was no room left for more.  And while surgery removed the masses and unlocked a lot of these patterns and blockages, I need to continue to heal these parts of myself in order to ensure that no disease ever returns.

2.     My thoughts – those powerful little things – brought this disease to life.  This occurred to me one morning in Floyd last weekend.  For years, I spoke publicly about the need to fund cancer research.  And each and every time I did – literally hundreds of times – I said the same phrase: “There is a greater than 100% chance that I will get cancer again.”  I said it so often I truly believed it.  And that belief came to life.  Is this scary?  Yes.  But know what else it means?  It means that I can affirm away the chance of it ever coming back again.

As we keep moving forward, I plan to share more about these things with you.  More about how I got to where I am now in my faith journey and more on where this new stage of life takes me.  But to do that, I felt like we all needed to be clear on where I sit right now.

So there you have it.

This is what I believe.

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