Kaity Kasper


About Kaity


Welcome, love.  Welcome.

I am Kaity.  My dearest call me Fox.  Feel free to do the same.

I am a barefooted mystic and a tenderhearted tantrika.  A renegade.  A wanderer.  A howl-at-the moon hippie.  

I am a daughter of the Divine.  

And you.  I already know something of you.  I know simply by the small fact that you have found your way here that you have experienced something of pain in this lifetime.  Perhaps even a dark night of the soul.  You found yourself suddenly, or maybe only after a slow-moving train finally pulled into your station, in the foothills of a mountain range.  And given the choice between lying down to die and the grueling process of moving forward, you trudged ahead.

You trudged ahead and you climbed.  You reached small peaks before finding yourself in yet another valley.  

Until one day, at long last, you realized you had made it to the other side of that rocky expanse of terrain.  You reached the place you had longed for for so long.  You opened your eyes.  You looked around.  And you had no idea where you were.  After all that struggle and all those tears, rather than feeling you had returned home, you found you were anywhere but.

Maybe you ran wild circles.  Maybe you shrank down and sobbed.  Maybe you simply sat and wondered how you possibly came all this way, only to feel just as lost as you were at the start.  

I know that feeling.

And you are exactly where you belong.

Want to join me as we trample over brambles and fallen leaves, carving our own path where others have feared to tread?  Are you ready to shed the things that no longer serve you and dig deep into your heart to find the hidden truths it contains?  Do you long to uncover the beauty waiting to be unearthed from the ashes left in the aftermath of trauma? 

I thought so.


The nitty-gritty

I am a student of feminine form medicine including Ayurveda and Tantra under Katie Silcox and am a 1008 hour Shakti School candidate.  I am also currently a Jyotish student in the University of Vedic Astrology under the guidance of Joni Patry and study contemplative prayer and Christian mysticism with Father Richard Rohr, James Finley, and Cynthia Bourgeault through the Living School of the Center for Action and Contemplation.  My life’s work and greatest passion utilizes a combination of these teachings to walk alongside others as they journey into the second half of their life in the wake of physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma. 

In the wake of a divorce, a lymphoma diagnosis, and a free-fall into sobriety, I believed I had this thing called life figured out.  It was only after an ovarian cancer diagnosis that I began to earnestly explore these wisdom technologies and finally discovered the true meaning of healing and my true self.  I now live a magical life in Virginia with my puppy, Hope.